Monday, August 17, 2009

Oyster Creek Park - Sunday August 16th

These are pictures that I took yesterday at the park. I love the way some of these turned out... but MAN it was HOT and HUMID! That's Texas for ya ;)

These pictures were taken with my Canon Rebel XS with the lens it came with. I am in the process of looking at other lens, maybe for a Christmas present from Prince Charming :)

I want to reiterate that I am here for feedback. I have just started focusing on making my pictures better and to capture the lives of my children in a higher quality type of photo. So, your thoughts and comments are more than welcome!! I really hope you do have tips/tricks/hints to make these and future shots better! If you have ideas on how to get better photos of a crawling/toddling baby, I would LOVE to hear them!!! That boy won't look at me if I have a camera in my hands!

Thanks for looking!!

Prince Charming took the one above of Muscle Man, but I did the editing so it is sort of mine ;)

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